Santa Got Scrooged

My neighbor, Jim Phillips, hosts the annual Santa on the Roof to the delight of young and old alike. It’s quite a production that starts with Jim decorating his yard with dozens of inflatable displays along with thousands of lights and music.
Inflatable DisplaysAt NightNight LightsThe line for Santa

Over the past few years it’s has drawn so many people to our neighborhood, that part of our street gets blocked off. Traffic flow becomes one-way with the assistance of a Pelham police officer. The crowd forms in the queue area, waiting for the arrival of Santa. Santa takes the time to talk to each and every child in line.

Three years ago, Jim added live reindeer to his display. The reindeer come in just before Santa arrives and leave after he does. Jim puts out a donation box to help cover the expense of having the reindeer on display. This year someone stole the monies that were donated. The donation box was found torn to shreds but the money was gone. How could someone stoop so low as to take money from someone who is just trying to do something nice for the community? This event draws over 1000+ people and that’s not even including the cars that just drive by to look.

Santa's ReindeerSanta checks on his reindeerSanta's Reindeer

I have no idea how much it costs Jim each year to do the whole Santa on the Roof event. I would like to figure out a way to replace the stolen donations. I’m sure he’s pretty discouraged right now. If you would like to help, please leave a comment.