Help me here people, how do we change this mindset?

The Fair Tax would NOT solve off shore tax avoidance. Real world proof – President Clinton created a “luxury tax.” It was a special sales tax on luxury items like yachts. Awesome! So now when the rich buy yachts, they will pay taxes, just like the Fair Tax, right? Oops! The rich stopped buying yachts in America – killing the yacht industry here and putting hundreds of Americans out of work. Instead, the rich now buy yachts in other countries, registered in other countries, and avoid taxes. And that trickle down the conservatives always talk about trickle away to other countries. Because the rich don’t give a SHIT about this country. If they can save a few bucks, they’ll screw us every time. Because ALL they care about is money. It’s a real world example of why the Fair Tax would not work.

Any suggestions on how to combat this mentality would be greatly appreciated.