While I was sitting waiting to have long overdue new tires put on my car, I was trying to focus on writing a personal blog post All I Want For Christmas… It’s about wanting a benevolent benefactor for Christmas (and not a government handout). I entered into an engaging conversation with an older gentleman (and Vietnam Vet) who is absolutely enraged with what is happening to this country. Our conversation encompassed taxes, health care, social security, political “correctness”, moral values, work ethic (or the lack there of) and drew in some of the others in the waiting area. Fear about this country’s future ran through our conversations and concerns over not being able to do anything about it seemed prevalent. I left wondering, how do we harness this anger? How do we get the people who shrug their shoulders and say it’s inevitable to get up and do something about it? How do we get the moral fiber back into this country? How do we take this country back?