Something ain’t right, why would a Hispanic woman driving an Cadillac Escalade children be on Medicaid? Is does look like documentation has to be provided for legal immigrants, but what about illegals? I need to research that a bit further. I did find this article interesting:

Medicaid Documentation Requirement Disproportionately Harms Non-Hispanics, New State Data Show: Rule Mostly Hurts U.S. Citizen Children, Not Undocumented Immigrants, 7/10/07

I have no problems with legal immigrants receiving services they are entitled to, but two things irritate me about this, the vehicle being driven (it’s a lot nicer than my car) and needing to learn to speak English.

As I have mentioned before I live in a small town that has an illegal immigrant problem. It’s even more noticeable, when I’m shopping and everyone is speaking Spanish.  Here’s a hint, speaking English will help you blend in better and be less noticeable to folks like me!