Santa Got Scrooged

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My neighbor, Jim Phillips, hosts the annual Santa on the Roof to the delight of young and old alike. It’s quite a production that starts with Jim decorating his yard with dozens of inflatable displays along with thousands of lights and music.

Over the past few years it’s has drawn so many people to our neighborhood, that part of our street gets blocked off. Traffic flow becomes one-way with the assistance of a Pelham police officer. The crowd forms in the queue area, waiting for the arrival of Santa. Santa takes the time to talk to each and every child in line.

Three years ago, Jim added live reindeer to his display. The reindeer come in just before Santa arrives and leave after he does. Jim puts out a donation box to help cover the expense of having the reindeer on display. This year someone stole the monies that were donated. The donation box was found torn to shreds but the money was gone. How could someone stoop so low as to take money from someone who is just trying to do something nice for the community? This event draws over 1000+ people and that’s not even including the cars that just drive by to look.

Santa's Reindeer

I have no idea how much it costs Jim each year to do the whole Santa on the Roof event. I would like to figure out a way to replace the stolen donations. I’m sure he’s pretty discouraged right now. If you would like to help, please leave a comment.

Today’s Awww Moment

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As I was walking from my car to the store, I noticed a scene that is all too familiar with kids and balloons. One of the balloons always seems to get away. When I walked by, I overheard the mom trying to comfort the little girl who wanted to go up after the balloon. The mom reminded her about the movie Up and those balloons. The Publix employee finished loading up the groceries and hustled the carts back to the store. I was barely into the store, when I saw him heading back out the door with a balloon in hand. I couldn’t help but to smile and tell him “You’re so sweet” as he went out to give the little girl a new yellow balloon to replace the one that got away.

Sometimes I just have to remind people of the good in others.

Today’s awwww moment is brought to you by Publix at Pelham Towne Center.

Red Skelton Reminds Us – The Pledge of Allegiance

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Lessons Learned As A Military Family Member

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Think I need to write a few blog posts about the lessons learned as a military dependent/spouse and how some of the lessons can be applied to everyday situations, work situations and life in general.

The one that comes to mind is readjustment needed after the military member returns from being away for an extended period of time. The spouse has had to handle everything, including the “workload” of the one that was away. Many times the spouse has had to do things differently than what the military member would have done. The returning military member needs to keep that in mind not to jump in and criticize about the way things were done (or not done) in their absence. Don’t jump in a try to be “in charge” – the spouse has spent too much time having to be the decision maker during the military member’s absence. Do look for ways to give the spouse a break, they have been doing double duty and probably need it. It’s a delicate balance of being able to understand and appreciate all the hard work the spouse has done without the military member feeling the need to take control upon returning.

It’s really a complex psychology study that I could probably do a dissertation on. I could take on a number of issues including as I mentioned, the parallels within the work place.

Not enough hours in the day…

Offensive Word Double Standard

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I tried to have a serious Twitter conversation about the usage of a specific word that seems to cause an uproar when white people use it. I really was trying to understand why if this person was so offended by this word, did she use it herself?

The conversation started because I posted a tweet about Kevin Jackson’s appearance on MSNBC. The person replying to me seemed pretty upset with him, felt that he was defending a bunch of racists and that he was embarrassing. So I asked her, “Why is it, if an intelligent black person has a differing point of view, they are “embarrassing”?” She then went on to explain what she thought he was defending was the use of that infamous offensive word towards Rep Lewis, but she didn’t leave the word out.

I’ve always wondered, why there is such a double standard with a word that seems to be so hated? So I asked her “why you even repeat a word that you find offensive?” It offended me that she had used it. She asked me if I found it “offensive when they said it” or “did u do like gop shrugged it off as an incident” I pointed out that I have found the word to be offensive all my life. Since I only had 140 characters to try and explain all the places within the black community that this offensive word can be found, I chose rap artists. Think about who could make a more powerful statement then the people who seem to be using the word the most. Obviously, no one got the point that Bill Cosby was trying to make.

Seriously, if you don’t like the word, quit using it. Lead by example, practice what you preach and please don’t try to tell me you are a friend of Jesus with that potty mouth. And for what it’s worth, these people who spew this venom and hatred do not represent me.

I wonder if the folks that are in favor of the Fair Tax Act might need to distance themselves from the Tea Party movement, lest their message get lost in the mania.

On a related note, I heard a good question, with all the media and cell phones, where are the recordings of this word being used? Let’s get the proof that this happened.

And on a side note, I gleaned through some of the people this person was following and it didn’t take me long to find where someone had called Kevin Jackson an “uncle tom son of a bitch…”

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