Think I need to write a few blog posts about the lessons learned as a military dependent/spouse and how some of the lessons can be applied to everyday situations, work situations and life in general.

The one that comes to mind is readjustment needed after the military member returns from being away for an extended period of time. The spouse has had to handle everything, including the “workload” of the one that was away. Many times the spouse has had to do things differently than what the military member would have done. The returning military member needs to keep that in mind not to jump in and criticize about the way things were done (or not done) in their absence. Don’t jump in a try to be “in charge” – the spouse has spent too much time having to be the decision maker during the military member’s absence. Do look for ways to give the spouse a break, they have been doing double duty and probably need it. It’s a delicate balance of being able to understand and appreciate all the hard work the spouse has done without the military member feeling the need to take control upon returning.

It’s really a complex psychology study that I could probably do a dissertation on. I could take on a number of issues including as I mentioned, the parallels within the work place.

Not enough hours in the day…