Dusting The Soapbox Off

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I have been so busy posting comments on Facebook and Twitter that I failed to notice that my Twitter rants were not being posted as expected. That’s pretty frustrating considering what is going on in this country. Too many people have allowed themselves to become plugged into the machine. It finally dawned on me why people are so afraid of the Tea Party, they fear being unplugged from the machine.

100% Hawaiian?

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Help me understand how

100% Hawaiian coffee

is a product of Canada?

He’s Against The FairTax

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Help me here people, how do we change this mindset?

The Fair Tax would NOT solve off shore tax avoidance. Real world proof – President Clinton created a “luxury tax.” It was a special sales tax on luxury items like yachts. Awesome! So now when the rich buy yachts, they will pay taxes, just like the Fair Tax, right? Oops! The rich stopped buying yachts in America – killing the yacht industry here and putting hundreds of Americans out of work. Instead, the rich now buy yachts in other countries, registered in other countries, and avoid taxes. And that trickle down the conservatives always talk about trickle away to other countries. Because the rich don’t give a SHIT about this country. If they can save a few bucks, they’ll screw us every time. Because ALL they care about is money. It’s a real world example of why the Fair Tax would not work.

Any suggestions on how to combat this mentality would be greatly appreciated.

Lessons Learned As A Military Family Member

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Think I need to write a few blog posts about the lessons learned as a military dependent/spouse and how some of the lessons can be applied to everyday situations, work situations and life in general.

The one that comes to mind is readjustment needed after the military member returns from being away for an extended period of time. The spouse has had to handle everything, including the “workload” of the one that was away. Many times the spouse has had to do things differently than what the military member would have done. The returning military member needs to keep that in mind not to jump in and criticize about the way things were done (or not done) in their absence. Don’t jump in a try to be “in charge” – the spouse has spent too much time having to be the decision maker during the military member’s absence. Do look for ways to give the spouse a break, they have been doing double duty and probably need it. It’s a delicate balance of being able to understand and appreciate all the hard work the spouse has done without the military member feeling the need to take control upon returning.

It’s really a complex psychology study that I could probably do a dissertation on. I could take on a number of issues including as I mentioned, the parallels within the work place.

Not enough hours in the day…

Prices Starting At…

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I received an email from Verizon Wireless -“The Best Network. Now at a Better Price.”

What’s NEW? Unlimited Calling is now more affordable than ever!

  • Talk as much as you want to anyone, anytime, on any U.S. network
  • No Domestic Roaming or Long Distance charges
  • No more counting minutes, peak periods or overages
  • No contract renewal required to change plans

Add Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video Messaging for just $20/month!

So I’m thinking, this is great, I might be able to lower my cell phone costs enough to maybe upgrade to a Blackberry. Those data plans will get you and I really don’t know how some people can afford the cost.

So I pop over to verizonwireless.com and log into my account. I’m ready to start saving some money! If anything an unlimited calling plan would really be beneficial to us. Right now I pay $90 for the Nationwide Select Share 700, plus $9.99 for a second line. Add on the, Fed Universal Service Charge, Regulatory Charge, Administrative Charge, AL State E911 Fee, AL State Cellular Srvc Tax and it comes out to $109.74 a month IF we don’t send any pictures to Facebook. That causes the data Megabyte Usage to kick in.

I’m trying to figure how to find these new plans, I know I’m on an older plan that probably needs to be updated, but good grief. I see a plan that would be more like a lateral move, converting my current Nationwide Select Share 700 plan to the Nationwide Talk & Text Family SharePlan® – it has the with Unlimited free calls to 10 Friends & Family members – all for the same $99.99 a month that I am currently paying. If I want to go to the Unlimited plan it would be $149.99 a month.

Since that doesn’t save “me” anything, the unlimited plan is not in my future nor is the Blackberry I’ve always wanted. I do have to give props to Verizon Wireless, for the most part I have been very satisfied with their service.

Think I will give them a call about converting my plan, in the mean time, I’m going to see what this MagicJack is all about.