I tried to have a serious Twitter conversation about the usage of a specific word that seems to cause an uproar when white people use it. I really was trying to understand why if this person was so offended by this word, did she use it herself?

The conversation started because I posted a tweet about Kevin Jackson’s appearance on MSNBC. The person replying to me seemed pretty upset with him, felt that he was defending a bunch of racists and that he was embarrassing. So I asked her, “Why is it, if an intelligent black person has a differing point of view, they are “embarrassing”?” She then went on to explain what she thought he was defending was the use of that infamous offensive word towards Rep Lewis, but she didn’t leave the word out.

I’ve always wondered, why there is such a double standard with a word that seems to be so hated? So I asked her “why you even repeat a word that you find offensive?” It offended me that she had used it. She asked me if I found it “offensive when they said it” or “did u do like gop shrugged it off as an incident” I pointed out that I have found the word to be offensive all my life. Since I only had 140 characters to try and explain all the places within the black community that this offensive word can be found, I chose rap artists. Think about who could make a more powerful statement then the people who seem to be using the word the most. Obviously, no one got the point that Bill Cosby was trying to make.

Seriously, if you don’t like the word, quit using it. Lead by example, practice what you preach and please don’t try to tell me you are a friend of Jesus with that potty mouth. And for what it’s worth, these people who spew this venom and hatred do not represent me.

I wonder if the folks that are in favor of the Fair Tax Act might need to distance themselves from the Tea Party movement, lest their message get lost in the mania.

On a related note, I heard a good question, with all the media and cell phones, where are the recordings of this word being used? Let’s get the proof that this happened.

And on a side note, I gleaned through some of the people this person was following and it didn’t take me long to find where someone had called Kevin Jackson an “uncle tom son of a bitch…”