In my continuing quest to try and understand the ever changing “definition” of rich, I heard a comment yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. I have been trying find that magical figure of what other people think rich is and I was not expecting to hear “$50,000.” This wasn’t some crazed “entitled”, this was someone I knew for some time.

This got me thinking of other conversations I had with people who always seemed to complain about being “broke.”  Some of their financial issues probably could have been resolved by a few simple changes in lifestyle (a little less eating out, giving up a few beers, quit smoking, ect.), others could be handled by setting up a budget and watching what they spent their money on. My suggestion of finding a part-time job met with the most resistance.

It’s all left me so confused, the American Dream of working hard and becoming successful, seems now to be looked down upon. I’ve seen it happen to successful people of color, they are treated like sellouts. So will I be looked up to if I quit my part-time job(s), stop paying my mortgage, get behind of my bills, and complain about not having any money?